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In stock - Double ikat handwoven in Andhra Pradesh.
Double Ikat cotton dupatta stole handwoven black and white . Handwoven double ikat cotton shawl. 
The thread has been dyed in tie and dye before the weaving of the double ikat. 
The two sides of the double ikat stole have the same motif. 
This cotton double ikat can be used as a cotton wrap or for any decoration purpose.
This cototn double ikat textile piece looks like a piece of art, abstract, modern, contemporary although it is a traditionnal common double ikat motif. 
Double ikat handwoven in Andhra Pradesh.
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Dimensions : 35.82 inches x 91.73 inches
91 cm x233 cm.
Washing instructions : handwash separately with cold water. Or dry clean.
PRICE :  150 USD
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