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Black handwoven dupatta in Patan Patola design. Patan Patola includes about many processes in the weaving and dying : warp and weft yarns are separately died in tie and dye, then woven to create the same design on the two sides of the textile, called double ikat. Weavers who study Patan Patola technique learn about 7 processes which may take around two years study for each process...

In this dupatta, it is a simple ikat, but the designs and colours combination are given by a Master weaver in Patan Patola technique. Patterns are leaves, flowers, geometrical figures.

Patola is derived from the Sanskrit word pattal (a spindle shaped gourd).

Origin Gujrat.

Composition  : silk

Size : 100 cm x 200 cm

Origin Gujrat

Dry clean at first wash. Handwash separately with cold water.

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