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Question : If i am not satisfied can i exchange my order ?

 Answer : No, we don't exhange. You can return it within 3 days, we will reimburse you without any question. Reimbursement may take one month (thirty days) once the returned shipment is received, but we try to reimburse asap. Please consider that handmade items have irregularities. These irregularities are a proof af authenticity. Consider their value.

Question : I see ireegularities, one thread is knotted on the weave, there is something black looking dirty, the colour is not regular....

Answer : Please consider that our textiles are mostly handwoven, hand made. Irregularities are a sign of authenticity and gives more value to the item.  The knotted thread  means that the thread had broken during the weaving process, so it has been knotted. If there is some black spot it means that something in the air has come inside the weaving. Anyway if you wish so, you can return us the product you have ordered and we will reimburse it asap, within one month after the receipt.

Question : I have not yet received my shipment, what should i do ?

Answer : This happens very rarely. You have received a mail with the courrier reference of your shipment. Please contact your local courrier company with this reference number and check with them. If the problem remains unsolved, contact us by mail, we will do the best to find asap a solution.

Question : How can I give support to this cultural patrimoine, our textiles heritage of India ?

Answer : to save handlooms, wear it, as an attitude. It is our cultural heritage.

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