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About us

Husaina Cloths is about the textiles heritage of India, and its lovers.

We have started as a brand and a shop, Tiraz,  in Paris, capital of fashion.  

“Tiraz had, in another time and in the ancient Persian language, meant "thread of gold".  Over the course of time, it soon came to designate the cloth piece, the artisan, and then, the studio where the fabrics were made.  This one word perpetuated the ancestral alliance of the material and the know-how/skill that, in a piece of fabric, surrounded the man and, at the same time, his mystery. Hélène Desrosiers.

Then, we returned back to... home. From Paris back to Jamnagar, also called Paris of Saurashtra. Tiraz from Paris remains as a brand, and now, in India, we start textiles tales called Husaina Cloths.

" Husaina Cloths goal is to return to today’s world a distant magic found in the art of Indian weaving, in the skill of the craftmanship, and in the luxury of the fabrics. It is the silk stoles, the pashmina shawls, and the many and diverse scarves of cashmere, wool, and cotton, from all origins, that reveal the discovery of the work of masters weavers, embroiderers, dyers, of India. 

For the one who takes his gaze and his touch to explore in the midst of all these silks, everything becomes clearer when a mass of pleats unfold, and a piece of clothing perfectly tailored to the body is born and, more intimately, for me so discreet .  The true novelty begins then: to discover oneself in being covered by a scarf that dresses, of a stole that does a cheerful swishing sound, of a shawl that becomes a cloud of  modesty.  These accessories then become essential for us.  We, that is to say, everyone - man and woman.

Husaina by whom we come to all these wealths, says smiling : "every man should have 365 scarves....and every woman, even more." Helène Desrosiers."




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